Thursday, December 11, 2008

It is one of these... A Giant Grey Sphinx Moth


Adult: Adult dorsal forewing is brownish with a dark spot at the base of the costal margin and blurry gray and white markings. Dorsal hindwing is dark brown with white along the inner margin and the lower half of the outer margin. The body is striped with transverse grey-white bands and wider black ones. Average wingspan is 12.7 to 14 cm (females are typically larger than males and lighter in color).

Larvae: Larvae are velvety black with yellow rings and a reddish-orange head and can attain lengths of up to 6 inches. The black 'horn' located on abdominal segment 8 is approximately one inch long and is located on an elevated orange 'button'. Thoracic legs and prolegs are orange and speckled with black spots. Newly molted larvae are light yellow and dark gray in alternating transverse rings; several hours after molting, larvae become their typical yellow and black coloration.

 larval size

Oh I am so looking forward to that hatching!!!! BTW that is not my hand but a pic I found on the net!!! Mine is the image below...

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